Afriswe is an international cooperation located in Blidsberg, Ulricehamns Kommun, Västra Götaland, Sweden with operations in Africa. AfriSwe offers a wide range of business aspects in alliance with both the European and African manufacturers & organizations that provide expertise in different areas like agribusiness, renewable energy (solar & biogas) & civil construction and we are open to any business venture with the aim of supporting the rural development programmes in Africa as well as those in need of our services and products for both short- and long-term working relationship.

AfriSwe based in Sweden Europe primarily engaging in empowering women, the youth and children by encouraging them to participate contribution to rural development of countries of origin and destination;  Mobilizing Diaspora skills and investments for women and the youth employment creation in agribusiness, clean energy and entrepreneurship as well as enhancing policy coherence between agricultural, clean energy and rural development policies and programmes in Africa working in collaboration with organisations in the same line of activities and services for Africa. 
We are in partnership with www.liferejuvenationafrica.com the NGO based both in Sweden and Uganda with a similar purpose of Empowering Women, the Youth and Children through the same activities as AfriSwe, we are working with www.bio-consultants.org to support farmers with knowledge, skills and quality farming materials in collaboration “SES Germany” responsible at recruiting the Senior Experts on request depending on the need on ground.  We are also in partnership with www.krentzel.net for solar energy well researched and designed products and accessories suiting the needs in Africa with very high-quality standards that are exactly similar to European standards.
www.SES Germany
is Germany’s leading volunteering organisation for experts and executives who are either retired or taking some time off work. The SES has been helping people to help themselves since 1983 – all around the world, in every industry and sector.
TK Design & Construction Company Ltd Uganda
is a Construction firm specialising in construction and infrastructure projects in Uganda. The company was conceived in response to the dire need for professional civil and building construction firms in Uganda that could offer quality works and products to the public.

Rationale of the project
AfriSwe main purpose is to empower the African Communities through different activities that shall change their style of living for better lives as currently and for the new coming generations.

For so many years and more so recently, we have seen different organizations/funders with great interest in assisting developing countries to reduce world poverty by conveying the resources and knowledge that makes a difference for people in Africa. It is this very reason we are getting together and calling on for support from across the world to finance our projects initiated for both short-term and long-term public benefits.

We are pulling all our efforts together to forge a new trend of evolving our communities in developmental activities that shall support the African Governments in boosting the economies to enable them meet the people’s basic public needs like food security, clean and safe drinking water, clean energy, healthcare, social economic empowerment  and education through active farming, clean energy (solar) and entrepreneurship programmes.