Become a Members

In order to be accepted as a member of the cooperative, an applicant should be expected to comply with these statutes and decisions made by the cooperative and contribute to the realization of the cooperative’s purpose. Applicants should also add new knowledge, networks and experience to the cooperative. The cooperative can accept Investing Members. Applications for entry shall be made in writing online and will be considered by the Board.

Membership Fee:
Members shall pay an annual membership with the amount determined by the general meeting. The membership fee can be not more than One Million Shillings (1,000,000USh) and shall be paid in Afriswe Bank Account when membership is granted.

Each member must participate in cooperative with minimum 1 (or more) and a maximum of 50 quotas. Every quota is worth One Million Shillings (1,000,000Ush). Quotas shall be paid in Afriswe Bank Account when membership is granted.

Saving, Investing & Loans:
All members shall save, invest and access loan facility within the cooperative system depending on their capacity.

A member who violates the rules, or who clearly damages the cooperative or work against its interests or purposes, can be excluded from the cooperative by the Board. An expelled member may refer the issue of exclusion to the Annual General Meeting by reporting his/her wish to do so, to the Board within one month from when the notice of exclusion was sent to the member.