Organic Farming

Help us support organic in coffee, cocoa farming, poultry & vegetable farming, by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.

Integrated Fish Farming

Training people to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in participating in this kind of business and there after we will work together in setting up ponds and providing fish fries for the starters.

Tree Planting

AfriSwe has established plant nurseries for a diversified tree species for fruits, herbal and timber among others in selected communities, with women, youth and children at the fore front of the model involving the institutions like schools, churches, mosques, health centers, private sectors and other partners to support the development of tree planting and preparing tree seedlings nurseries practices that will contribute to improving the economic well-being of the people and stability of the environment of Luwero district and the country at large.

Vocational Training

AfriSwe offers training programs to the youth especially those who have lost opportunities to continue with their studies avail them with knowledge and skills for a better living through involvement in self-help projects and entrepreneurship programs.

Renewable Energy

In this area, we are mainly looking at solar energy, bio gas options and cooking stove first but also considering other means that are effective and efficient in the process.

Clean & Safe Drinking Water

Through the Solar Powered Safe Drinking Water, AfriSwe would like to be supported financially so as to enable it setup safe drinking water reserviors using solar technology in collaboration with Krentzel.


Give us a hand to enable AfriSwe implement its set project targets by helping women & youth start up their own businesses in art & craft, poultry, goat rearing, mushroom & fish farming